The United States offers numerous forms of relief for individuals who cannot return home due to threat of death, injury, or severe persecution. Asylum is one of the principal forms of relief when an individual already in the United States faces the threat of death or serious harm  if he or she returns abroad.

Qualifying for Asylum

To qualify for asylum, an alien must show that he or she will be persecuted on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sincerely held political belief, or membership in certain social groups if he or she returns to a hostile foreign country. To qualify, applicants  must have entered the United States within the previous year or the threat must have started within the previous year. The process requires a detailed application describing the nature of the applicant’s fear of returning home as well as a thorough interview with a U.S. government asylum officer or hearing with an immigration judge to determine the legitimacy of the fear and the appropriateness of asylum.

Benefits of Asylum

Asylum offers the right to remain in the United States, work, and bring certain family members to the country. In some circumstances, asylum may be appropriate when facing removal from the United States to the country where the persecution is expected. For complete information, refer to USCIS’ page on humanitarian programs. After one year of asylee status, applicants may file for United States permanent residence (or a “green card”).

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