Persons who are currently subject to removal or deportation proceedings in US immigration court are in a particularly difficult position. There is an extensive list of grounds for inadmissibility and deportability based on crimes, previous immigration violations, and many others, and a wide variation of potential solutions for each case. Removal proceedings can result in removal or permission to voluntarily depart from the United States, but judges in some circumstances may also grant temporary or indefinite release, a temporary visa status, or even a grant of new permanent residence. Qualifying for family-based immigration or asylum can often be requested while already in removal proceedings, though applications in court can be more complex.

Relief from removal will differ for those who are in the country as permanent residents, temporary visa holders, or without lawful status at all and can be based on family connections, humanitarian grounds, or regulatory exemptions from removal. Because every case is unique, it is vital that individuals placed in removal proceedings consult with and retain qualified immigration counsel for their immigration court proceedings as soon as possible. Respondents in removal proceedings are entitled by law to representation by a lawyer of their choosing.

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