Work Visa

Work Visas

Obtain a United States work permit through qualifying employment.

Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence

Live and work permanently in the United States based on family or employment.



Eligible permanent residents may apply to become U.S. citizens.

Immigration and Citizenship Lawyer

Greenberg Visa Law is dedicated to the practice of United States Immigration and Nationality law. We provide exceptional service to satisfy our clients' family-, employment-, and humanitarian-based immigration needs.

Our practice serves individuals, families and businesses from our Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, office, offering expert, reliable, and affordable legal assistance with all types of U.S. immigration and naturalization cases, including creative resolutions to some of the field's most challenging and novel issues.

We pride ourselves in our use of the most advanced research and case management technologies to promote efficient, secure, and successful representation of all our clients.

Greenberg Visa Law invites those in Pittsburgh as well as those throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, the United States, and the world to contact us about achieving your U.S. immigration and citizenship goals.

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