The choice of an immigration lawyer is one of the most important decisions an individual must make. The role of an immigration attorney is as a bridge between the immigrants, their families or their employers and the complex US immigration system, both as a guide to the clients and as an advocate for them. Greenberg Visa Law offers consultations on all immigration and citizenship matters. For our clients’ convenience, we offer flexible hours such as evenings and weekends, consultations by phone or video, and consultations at our clients’ homes or workplaces.

A consultation with a Greenberg Visa Law attorney is aimed at assessing each person’s specific circumstances and determining the immigration options available and the process by which Greenberg Visa Law can handle each case in an individualized manner. Knowing your own immigration, family, and professional history is the best preparation for an immigration consultation. Bringing previous immigration documents, your Alien Registration Number (your “A number”), and educational and financial credentials can help identify available forms of relief. Employers should know how many and what type of workers are sought.

Selection of an immigration lawyer is a personal decision and should not be based on Internet research alone. The selection involves a number of criteria:


Experience is the most important factor in the selection of one’s attorney. An optimal attorney has experience in past cases representing both breadth and depth of knowledge in the US immigration system. Greenberg Visa Law has years of professional experience representing clients in complex, unusual and novel immigration cases in addition to innumerable conventional cases.


Unlawful practice by individuals attempting to take advantage of immigrants is a common problem. Unlicensed individuals have neither the expertise required to counsel clients nor the authorization to practice before the U.S. government. Additionally, even most firms run by licensed attorneys leave many cases in the hands of paralegals. Every Greenberg Visa Law case is primarily handled by an attorney.

Immigration-only practice

Greenberg Visa Law practices immigration law exclusively, relying on its years of experience to provide appropriate solutions for any situation that arises for our clients. Engaging in other practices distracts from the particularized knowledge required in this complex field and introduces the risk of unacceptable conflicts of interest.


The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is the professional association representing immigration attorneys in their practices. Membership confers valuable resources to lawyers for use on behalf of their clients. Attorney Adam S. Greenberg is a member of AILA and on the executive board of its Pittsburgh Chapter.


Ethics are fundamental to the legal profession, requiring zealous representation of clients and adherence to strict standards of conduct. Greenberg Visa Law aims to exceed the requirements for ethical treatment of its clients, their families and their cases.


Even the best immigration attorney fails to honor the client relationship if he is unavailable to clients. Greenberg Visa Law is always willing to talk, teleconference, or visit client sites as needed for consultations or case processing.

Communication and technology

The use of technology is of paramount importance to our clients for communication, processing of their cases, and even billing. Greenberg Visa Law uses the most advanced technology available to keep our clients engaged in their cases and is always willing to use every resource possible to ease the process for our clients.


The most obvious factor in deciding on an immigration lawyer may be the cost of his services. Greenberg Visa Law endeavors to provide reasonable and fair prices to all prospective clients based on their particular needs and legal situation. For nonprofit organizations and members of the United States Armed Forces and in certain humanitarian matters, consultation fees may be waived.

Greenberg Visa Law looks forward to working with all clients and solving their unique problems. Contact us today to schedule an immigration consultation.